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Is Your Payment History Hurting Your Credit Score?

Great article from Realtor.com regarding how your late payments may be diminishing your credit score...Is Your Payment History Hurting Your Credit Score?Finance |  By: Angela Colley   Missing one bill payment might not seem like a big deal. That is until that payment blemish causes a lender to rethink your loan’s terms—or even your overall eligibility.Being a forgetful ... Read More
Posted by Jim Zachar on 2/24/2015

Home vs Condo - Make the Right Decision

I have lived in a condo as well as a single family home, and I loved aspects of both. I love the privacy of our current home, but definitely miss the maintenance-free exterior of my condo when our oak trees lose their leaves in the fall. I have been showing fantastic houses and condos here in Cedar Rapids in the past week – whatever your decision, you can’t go wrong!Here are some things to think about ... Read More
Posted by Jim Zachar on 12/8/2014

Leaves are Falling and so are Interest Rates!

Well, Fall has arrived and with it a spectacular panorama of beautiful leaves to behold. I love this time of year because I am constantly surrounded by the changing colors of the trees. However, this year interest rates have also fallen which is great news for those buyers that just haven't been able to find the right house for them to purchase. Add to that the price reductions being offered on ... Read More
Posted by Karen Knight on 10/21/2014

Which Home Improvements Give you the Biggest Bang for Your Buck?

If you are thinking of making changes to your existing home, but don't plan on living there forever, you should consider how your home improvement projects will impact the future resale value of your home. The first thing to remember is that it is incredibly unlikely that you will recoup the entire cost of your project when you sell your home, unless you continue to live in your home ... Read More
Posted by Jim Zachar on 9/10/2014

42 Ingeniously Easy Ways to Hide The Ugly Stuff in Your Home

WOW! This is really one blog you don't want to skip! Check this out!  42 Ways to hide Junk! Read More
Posted by Jim Zachar on 7/23/2014

UICCU Extended $995 Closing Costs through June 30!

Just $995 Closing Costs and no Origination Fees! Don't miss out on this chance. Contact one of the below UICCU Mmortgage Lenders today! Read More
Posted by Molly Iversen on 5/28/2014
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