5 essentials to a "smart" home

A decade ago, everyone was talking about the bold frontier of “smartphones,” which is now old news. Today, it’s all about smart homes. And if you’re not familiar with what exactly goes into a smart home, you might think they are an incredible, futuristic abode for the very rich. After all, there’s a world of difference between a regular old phone and a smartphone. So, it would make sense that a smart home must be something like what the Jetsons live in!

Not quite.

Yes, there are some incredible things about a smart home, things that are way ahead of the 1950s style “home of tomorrow,” but they are not only for the very rich. With a few purchases, everyone can turn their home into a smart home, and you won’t break the bank doing so! These are the five essential starter items you’ll need:

  1. Belkin WeMo — Instead of choosing between many smart appliances on the market, why not get the device that can turn virtually anything with a plug into a smart appliance? All you do with the WeMo is plug it into an outlet, then plug in your appliance. From a smartphone you can turn on lights, start the slow cooker and you'll never get to the office and wonder if you unplugged something.
  2. Amazon Echo — These devices are becoming a staple in homes throughout America. By simply asking, you can hear your favorite song, order flowers or even laundry detergent, watch your favorite movie and much more. Science fiction writers couldn’t have predicted such a cool toy!
  3. August Smart Lock   You don’t need a key to start many cars these days, and pretty soon you won’t need one to get into your home. The August Smart Lock is proof of that.  Now you can remotely control your door lock and not have to worry about locking yourself out!
  4. Nest — Of the many smart thermostats on the market, this may be the best one. It knows when you're in a room and when you’re not, and adjusts the temperature accordingly. This nifty device can really cut your energy bill.
  5. Roomba   The latest model of one of the original smart device remains a gold standard for home automation. It cleans all floor types and has a special boost mood for carpets. You can set a schedule so you know it will clean at the exact time you want it to. If only kids were so diligent with their chores.

Transforming your home to a smart home is easier than you think! For more advice on renovating your home, talk to a Coldwell Banker Hedges Realtor® today. They know the market and can lead you through all the hot trends!

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