5 steps to stop bugs and rodents from getting into your home

On these cold winter days, do thoughts of your warm cozy home play in your head? On the flip side, once the weather gets hot and sticky (ah, those wonderful days of summer!), do you long to escape to your air-conditioned palace?

You probably answered yes to these questions. Your home is a comfortable place. Unfortunately, you’re not the only creature who finds your home comfy and inviting. We’re not talking about that friend of yours who promised he’ll only stay a few nights or the in-laws who are coming for a “quick” visit. We’re talking about vermin, pests like mice, ants and other furry invaders.

Once they've arrived, you need to call an exterminator. The best way to avoid any problems with these unwanted guests is to have a solid defense in your house that prevents them from ever getting in and making a home out of your home.

Here are five rodent and bug control tips you can use to keep the pests out. 

  1. Clean your drains. As you probably know, a lot goes down your drains and, in the process, a lot of gunk, whether from food or something else, accumulates down there. This makes a perfect breeding site for small flies and serves as a magnet for ants. Use boiling water and vinegar to clean all drains on your laundry floor, bathroom, tub, kitchen sink and food disposal. 
  2. Keep an eye on your trash. The pests come into your house from the outside, and often it’s a ripe, rotting mess of trash that invites them in. Seal your trash in tight-fitting garbage containers and clean them on a regular basis.
  3. Seal it up. You might have an open-door policy and not even know it. Look around your home for loose siding, cracks in the foundation, missing shingles and gaps around utility wires. Inside your home, look behind the cabinets, the stove, the refrigerator and anywhere that pipes meet the wall. If there is the smallest crack, seal it with copper mesh, steel wool and mortar. Mice can easily chew through caulk!
  4. Store food properly. Basically, don’t leave the cookie jar open. Leaving sweets, grains and meats out or in an open container is like turning on a big neon sign that lets mice and insects know you’re open for business. Tupperware and sealable bags should become your new best friend!
  5. Maintain your lawn and trees. Think of ants and mice as an invading army. They need to sneak into your home. The best way they can do this is through the cover of weeds, long grass and overgrown trees. Make sure no tree branches are hanging over your home touching the side of your house (this is the preferred method for carpenter ants to enter) and keep your lawn and landscaping tidy and neat. Your neighbors will thank you, too!

If you have questions about how to best maintain your home or get it ready to sell, contact a Coldwell Banker Hedges Realtor® today. With years of experience, they know houses and can help you with any of your buying or selling needs.

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