5 ways to use the web to explore a neighborhood

Moving to a new neighborhood can be nerve-wracking. Even if it’s in the same city, there’s that element of uncertainty that can keep you up at night.

The first thing to keep in mind is that this is a totally normal response. You’re comfortable with what you know, and as excited as you might be for a move, you’re bound to feel a little apprehensive about it.

To help ease the transition, we’re going to look at five online resources that can help give you a feel for your future haunts. Questions such as what are the schools like, what kind of community events are there, even who your neighbors are, can all be answered through a little online digging. Here are the essential resources.

  • Google Maps. Yes, this one might be obvious, but there are many features of Google Maps that are easy to overlook. An excellent way to begin learning about an area is to simply type in your address to get a bird’s-eye view of where local restaurants, businesses and more are located. It’s also a handy way to plan routes to work and monitor traffic.
  • Nextdoor. Think about Nextdoor as Facebook for your neighborhood. A private social network where you can interact with neighbors, plan block parties, notify each other of life events or incidents in your area and more. This is a great place to drop in and say hello!
  • SchoolDigger. The real estate mantra might be “location, location, location,” but for many homeowners it’s “schools, schools, schools!” SchoolDigger is a fantastic resource to learn about school size, test scores, demographics, student demographics and many other metrics about the schools in your area.
  • MyLocalCrime. Everyone wants to feel safe where they live. This website features an easy-to-use map that shows you where and when and what type of crime happened in your neighborhood, and beyond.
  • Online realty. Wondering what homes in your targeted neighborhood are going for? Wondering what size home and what amenities are in your budget? On the website for Coldwell Banker Hedges Realty, we have a pretty spectacular interactive map that shows you what properties are on the market and can offer a quick view at the comps in your future neighborhood.

If you’ve been digging around the internet, you’ve probably learned that Cedar Rapids has a lot of great things to offer. Trust us, it’s even better in person! To learn about the many great neighborhoods in our city, contact a Coldwell Banker Hedges Realtor® today. With years of experience, they know houses and can help you with any of your buying or selling needs.

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