7 tips for selling a house while wrangling kids (and their stuff)

It comes as a surprise to most new parents, but that little bundle of joy comes with a lot of stuff. Where there was once free-flowing air and empty space, now there’s a diaper table, a vibrating chair, a crib, boxes of wipes and diapers, spit rags, chew toys and toys that make noise. At some point many families come to realize they need more space.  

The only problem is, how do you make the home appear marketable with all that stuff?

It’s true that selling a home can be a challenge, but if you have a house full of kids, the process can seem downright impossible. However, a good real estate agent loves a good challenge. Here are seven things you can do to make your home look attractive to buyers, even with a bunch of kids running around.

Be open and honest. Kids are smart, and though they may not like the idea of moving, it’s better to let them know what’s going on, what your plans are and why. One of the best strategies is to try to involve them as much as possible, get them excited and have them participate in the move. This will give them a sense of ownership in the process.

Turn moving into a game. Convince them that you’re about to embark on an adventure. To be successful you’ll need to pack up everything, clean and do all the fun stuff associated with moving. The reward: ice cream, future slumber parties and vacations.

Make a show plan. Due to home showings, you and your family may need to leave at a moment’s notice. Make sure everyone has a bag packed and that you have some movie or museum passes to keep everyone happy for a couple hours.

Call in favors from friends and family. You’re probably going to need a lot of help with babysitting, and between cleaning and showings, there are going to be times you’ll need the kids out of the house.

Rent a storage unit. There is a lot of stuff your kids can do without, so make your home look tidy by moving it to a temporary storage facility.

Keep the air flowing. Children of all ages can literally cause a stink. Don’t let this smell ruin a potential sale! Invest in air fresheners and keep the windows open.

Remember you’re selling to adults, not other children. This means you should paint over the vibrant, fun colors in their rooms, take down the fun paintings and remove all those cool posters your teenager has up. They have to go!

To learn more about how to navigate selling a home, contact a Coldwell Banker Hedges Realtor® today. With years of experience in Cedar Rapids home sales, they can help you get top dollar for your home.

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