Add a storage shed to your yard

There’s no need to mince words: Outdoor sheds are fantastic. They serve a completely practical purpose, allowing you to conveniently store tools, lawn equipment, flower pots, toys and whatever else you might need to put in there.

They can also add a lot of charm to a backyard. Many outdoor storage sheds come in traditional barnyard designs, which means you can bring a country feel to your yard, even in the heart of the city.  

Whatever your motivation for installing one, an outdoor storage shed can be a huge asset to those who are selling their house

There are a couple ways you can install an outdoor storage shed in your yard. You can buy a kit or have one custom made. Let’s look at the details of both these options.


You often see kit models on display outside big-box hardware stores. Kits are the most affordable and easiest way to put up an outdoor shed. Think of them like a piece of IKEA furniture that you take home and assemble on your own. Of course sheds are slightly more complicated and require tools like a drill to assemble, but the point is you don't need to be handy around the house to put one together.

There is an enormous amount of variety of kits to choose from. When it comes to materials, you can select metal, vinyl, resin, plastic or wood models. It all depends on your budget and the look you want. For those who don't require much storage space, you can purchase small storage closets to hold gardening tools and more.

Custom built

Those who have specific needs or unconventional tastes might want to have a shed custom built for them. As you've probably guessed, this process is more expensive and more complicated than a kit. It might involve laying a concrete foundation and hiring professionals to build the shed, or part of the shed, for you.

For an idea of what you can do with a shed and how it can up the resale value of your home, check out the diverse and beautiful models from Sheds Unlimited. Here you'll see two-story sheds, sheds designed with a modern aesthetic and plenty of sheds that look like little houses in themselves. These go well beyond garden storage.

There are a seemingly endless number of possibilities when it comes to adding a shed to your backyard. What kind is right for you?

To learn more about how you can upgrade your home, talk to a Coldwell Banker Hedges Realtor® today. They know the industry and can tell you everything you need to know about the Cedar Rapids housing market.

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