Cedar Rapids' Artistic Heritage

It’s one of the injustices of the world that Cedar Rapids is better known for the smell of Crunch Berries than it is for its art. Our fair city, this Florence on the Plains, has served as the creative catalyst for some of America’s most iconic artists. The most famous of course is Grant Wood, who may have painted the single most parodied work of American art, the famed “American Gothic.”

If imitation is the highest form of praise, then there is no end to the praise heaped on the classic image of the farmer, his daughter and his menacing pitchfork.

To give you a taste of Cedar Rapids’ rich artistic heritage, let’s take a look at some art centers in town and see what they tell us about the history and culture of our city.

Cedar Rapids Museum of Art

Encompassing several millennia of art from the ancient Roman world to the present day, the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art has something for every taste. It’s particularly well-known for the collection of American art it has from the first half of the 20th century.

In addition to having a fabulous Grant Wood collection, the museum has a prominent collection of many contemporary artists from around the world. One gets the sense that the curators of this museum have put a lot of effort into celebrating the local artistic heritage of Cedar Rapids, while striving to make it a truly international museum.  

Grant Wood Studio

The years 1924 to 1935 were a time of incredible artistic growth and development for Grant Wood, much of which took place right in the immaculately preserved Grant Wood Studio. Those who want to pick up a little of the inspiration and creative mojo Wood experienced here are welcomed to come tour the studio. It's a very cool room, with interesting angles, a unique architectural design and of course that invisible source of artistic inspiration is floating in the air. We could go on about this Cedar Rapids landmark, but you really should visit it yourself!

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