Decorate for the holidays with these easy DIY tips

As you get older, the meaning of the holidays often change. When you were five it was all about candy and presents. As a teenager, it was the food and in college, it was the spiked eggnog and various cocktails. While all these are probably still part of your tradition, if you’re a homeowner, one of the big questions that come with the holidays is how to decorate.

Some people are casual about decorating while some are downright competitive. No matter where you fall on this scale, here are some simple DIY ideas that will give your home that special feel that only comes once a year. 

Get the kids involved

Sure, you can go the high-design route and decorate your tree with glass Christmas balls and porcelain angels. This might look great, but if you have kids, it might feel a bit impersonal. The best way to make holiday memories is to personalize the process.

Don’t go out and buy the ornaments. Make them! Here are some ideas:

  • Make snowflakes out of construction paper and hang them from your ceiling.
  • String together popcorn to wrap around the tree.
  • Glue together strips of construction paper to make a Christmas chain that can be hung on banisters and over doorways.
  • Make your own ornaments! All you really need is some red or green ribbon and a hot glue gun. You can easily turn a pine cone, a Styrofoam ball or anything else into an ornament.

Creative lighting

If you don’t have the time or gumption to get out there and hang up Christmas lights — or maybe you just fear repeating the Griswold’s mistakes from "Christmas Vacation" — then you might want to invest in a Star Shower. Essentially, this is a weatherproof projector you set up in your yard, switch it on and watch it cast thousands of beautiful green and red sparkles of light onto your home.

For a more traditional look, consider creating a lighted pathway. Depending on your ambition, you can do this by making ice candle holders (an ice cylinder that holds a small candle) or simply place tea candles in mason jars along your walkway. Both give a warm, inviting feel.

More creative design ideas

A beautiful thing about living in 2018 is the rustic barnyard aesthetic that is all the rage. This makes it easy to repurpose household items you probably already have into Christmas decorations. For example:

  • Fill a mason jar with water, wrap some red ribbon around it and fill it with spruce or pine boughs.
  • Wine bottles make excellent candles holders. And since it’s the holidays, you might have a few extra wine bottles laying around...
  • A centerpiece is easy to make. All you need is a clear cylinder, some red ribbon for a bow and some creativity. Fill it with nuts, candy canes, pine cones or unprocessed cranberries and you’ll be set.

For more ideas on how to decorate your home so its ready to sell or ready to move in and love, talk to a Coldwell Banker Hedges Realtor® today. No matter the season, they know the market and can help find your ideal home just in time for the holidays.

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