Future homebuyers: The dream homes of Gen Z

It’s safe to assume you aren’t looking for a house with shag carpet and pressboard walls. Likewise, there were few people in the '70s wishing they could find a home with exposed brick or reclaimed wood to give the house that barnyard chic appearance. 

The point is, tastes change. After a time, people get restless with the prevailing trends and want something different, something new. Realtors and designers spend a lot of time trying to predict these future trends. After all, who doesn’t want to stay on top of things and be ready for the next generation of homebuyers?

Instead of gazing into a crystal ball, a few enterprising realtors went straight to the source and asked a group of kids what they want to see in their future homes. Here are some of the results, and what their future dream homes may look like.

They want to own: In a study conducted in conjunction with the panel, 97 percent of respondents said they planned on owning a home as an adult.

They’re budget conscious: These kids aren’t getting carried away by dreams of beach homes or mountain-side resorts; they want something they can afford.

HGTV is a huge influencer: Some on the panel described a typical HGTV home: open concept, granite counters, updated appliances. One young HGTV fan also described herself as being “really into conservation,” while another mentioned he'd consider upgrading a home to decrease its carbon footprint.

They're looking for balance: These kids recognize they need a balance between square footage and the desirability of their location. Some things never change!

They want to work with agents: There is some concern that future generations of homebuyers will skip the process of working with realtors and use the Internet to find or sell their homes. Not so. These kids recognized the complexities of the process and the need for assistance in finding the right home at the right price, and are more than eager to work with an agent.

If you’re wondering about the latest housing trends in your area, reach out to a Coldwell Banker Hedges Realtor®. They know the real estate business well and are eager to help!


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