Home design trends that are on their way out

It could be said that the history of interior design is a history of bad decisions. Floral wallpaper, plastic-wrapped couches, popcorn ceilings, and who could leave out the wall-to-wall shag carpets? It’s easy to scoff and laugh at old, outdated home decorating trends, but the fact is, what passes today as hip, modern and stylish may be remembered as one of those home decorating gaffs in a few years.

So what are some of the things that seem to be all the rage today that we may laugh at tomorrow? It's hard to say what will become a staple of design and what will become a bad memory, but here are a few things we think might not last too long.

Industrial chic. We’re pretty sure that in 10 or 20 years, there will be a bunch of bemused home buyers looking at properties built or remodeled around 2010 and they’ll wonder, “What was all the rage with reclaimed wood, exposed ducts and old brick?” Yes, this look is very popular right now, but there are signs its heyday is coming to an end. 

Mid-century modern. Here’s one bit of interior decoration wisdom to keep in mind: Any kind of retro craze, whether Art Deco, neo-Victorian or the most recent, mid-century modern, will fade quickly. Spurred on by the popularity of Mad Men, the funky, ironic and painfully cool minimalism of this vintage look may still charm some, but by and large, most will look elsewhere.

Fixer-upper style. To clarify: We love what Chip and Joanna Gaines do with houses. However, while the shiplap, sliding barn doors inside a home and found objects decorating the walls might look extremely creative and wonderful when professionals do them, in the wrong hands it can look kitsch. Like many unique styles, the danger of the "fixer-upper" style is that what was once unique may soon become so commonplace that it eventually looks tacky.

Gray, white and all the monochrome. Some people want their home to look like a museum or a super-minimal, cool office waiting area. This might look great on Instagram, but people have to live here. Such drab interiors can be depressing, colorless and give expression to the term "tragically hip." 

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