Home of the Week | Barndominium

The “Barndominium” = a totally new concept. From the outside it looks like your average Morton Building but the inside may surprise you. The “Barndominium” is a new craze that may or may not have crossed your Facebook and Pinterest feeds. The outside is simple and the inside is where all the excitement lies. Let’s take a look inside!


Who would have thought this image was the inside of the previous photo? This place is HOME-Y and HUGE! Building costs are kept to a minimum and the expenses are essentially saved for the interior design and furnishings. You can also see a staircase in the corner that leads to a loft and bedrooms.


This gives you an eagle-eye view of the main floor. A fireplace and the large kitchen are a couple of highlights that this house offers. You may notice that this space doesn’t seem to add up to the outside view, that’s because the other portion is used as a shop. This also means that the entire building is heated. Live, work and stay comfortable in all weather conditions!


What do you think of the “Barndominium”? Is this something you would try out? Google search “Morton Buildings” and “Barndominiums” and then head on over to our website: www.cbhrealty.com!


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