Home of the Week | Before and After: Landscaping Edition

Welcome, summertime! This week we’re featuring a CBH staff landscaping renovation! I love before-and-after shots. Not only does it give viewers inspiration, but it also shows what a little updating can do to the entire feel of a space.

Ferns in hanging baskets were added to give the space a more “airy” feel. The addition softens up the space and gives a welcoming feel. The original fern was too big to fit in the baskets so she cut the fern in half and split it between the two baskets. Ferns get big and heavy, so don’t be afraid to start small or cut a larger one in half to save some money!


The rotting wood that held up the hose was taken off the brick which visually cleaned up the area. Brick pavers were used to create the design around the new plants. After the plants were put in the ground, landscaping paper was put around the plants and adhered to the ground with yard staples. Once the landscaping paper was trimmed and stuck to the ground, dark brown mulch was added around. 


A pair of Hydrangea bushes flanks both sides of the planter bed. Along the back are five Green Gem Boxwood bushes and then in front are three different kinds of Hosta plants.  The Hydrangea bushes will grow around 4 feet in circumference so it was important to leave ample room for it to grow as all the plants are perennials, meaning (for all you non-gardeners) they will come back every year.
Another money-saving tip is to start all plants small. Smaller plants are much, much cheaper than planting full-size plants. Your flower beds may seem rather empty when you start out small, but with a little time and a lot of watering you’ll get your money’s worth.

Iron planter boxes were screwed into the brick underneath each window to add some depth and soften up the otherwise boring, flat surface. A variety of plants were added with the intent of it getting full and flowing over the edges. The lighter green plant on the end will get long and drape over the side and so will the fluffy green plant in the back. The others will also get taller and fuller to complete the basket. 


Here is a front view of the newly planted window basket. The green leaves and white flower should add enough contrast to stick out from the red brick. Once the plants get larger, they should spill over the basket and soften up the side of the house. 


A couple of front-view images to wrap up our landscaping before and after!

What did you think of the new landscaping? As fellow gardeners, what are your suggestions for plants to use in the future? 


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See you next week!


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