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Sit down, relax and prepare yourselves for a long post- this home is worth talking about! A breathtaking amount of detail went into this home renovation and it's sure to make you want to go out and flip a house of your own.

Before (L), After (R)

Let's start with the outside of this historic charmer. The paint colors chosen for the outside of the home were the perfect touch to freshen up the previously dull and drab exterior. Doesn't it just seem brighter and more inviting? This is a home where you want to linger a little longer, taking in every detail.

Before (L), After (R)

We aren't even inside the house yet and I'm already swooning. Take a look at that porch renovation! Wow! You get a better sense of the "inviting" feel I previously raved over. It just feels happy and welcoming. This is the spot you want to lounge around on a warm, sunny day. The space is also large- you can see how much seating is available and there's still room for more. I feel like a porch swing and some plants would be the perfect addition to this space. 

Before (L), After (R)

Welcome inside! There is so much going on here it's almost hard to cover it all. All the wood features were sanded down and restained, including the flooring. I can't even imagine how much work that was but it clearly paid off. The carpet was removed from the stairs and I'm guessing a fresh coat of paint was also added, though I enjoy that they kept a similar color to maintain the original charm of the home. A large area rug was added to cozy up the space and the original fireplace was cleaned up (that cool tile on the fireplace was there before the restoration.)

Before (L), After (R)

The dining room also had a dramatic update. Look how bright and open it feels compared to the before picture. The walls and ceiling were repainted and all the wood details were restored including the floors. I love how seamlessly the window seat fits into the room. Those pillows are the perfect touch!


Before (L), After (R)

Here's a close-up of the staircase! Looks how fresh it looks. I love that the old, dingy carpet was removed and they didn't replace it. I think those hardwood floors are beautiful and deserve a chance to shine as their own statement. Another large carpet was added to the landing to create a soft area.

Before (L), After (R)

Not only was the main level and exterior revamped but the attic and basement were as well. This is a view of the attic which is a perfect space for a loft, office or additional rec/movie area. What a huge transformation. New lighting, paint, ceiling, flooring etc, etc etc. This space was done extremely well.


Moving back downstairs we get to peek into the gorgeous, fully renovated kitchen. Stainless steel appliances, new counters, backsplash, lighting, cabinets and an island are just a few of the many upgrades made to this area. This space also has a butlers pantry to fully complete it. The kitchen was so perfectly done I had to include a additional photos below.

Isn't it just gorgeous? I could hang out in the space all day. 

This cute mudroom is attached to the kitchen (see first kitchen photo) and is located at the back of the home. I love those windows and that door almost seems original. If not, I love the aged, authentic look to it. The bench just completes this area! 

The master bedroom has it all including a walk-in closet and attached master bathroom. I'm telling you,  no part of this home was left untouched. The flooring is original, like the rest of the home, but you can really see how gorgeous it is. You just cant create the character that old homes have. 

Here is a picture of the master bath. You can also see the large walk-in closet by the shower. 


I had to include the basement. How cool is this space? Neon lights, a pool table and arcade games really complete the room. The perfect hang out spot for the kids and their friends... or their parents!


It's not a "Home of the Week" post without a photo of the backyard! It's large, it's private and it's the perfect, serene spot to relax after the stress that is the pinball machine. A few twinkle lights and a firepit would be the perfect addition to this already beautiful space.

If you aren't ready to renovate an old home then I don't know what will motivate you! Every inch of this house was so well thought out executed. The "flippers" kept the integrity and charm of the original home while modernizing it- something that's not always easy to do. Well done!

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