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Welcome back to Home of the Week! This exterior doesn't scream "overly colorful facade" but it's all in the details. This isn't a shade I've seen often in houses and the brick detailing adds an additional unique diminsion. Pair that with the colors in the landscaping and you have yourself the perfect pops of color. Well executed and well maintained!


This open kitchen does white well without becoming too monochromatic. The cabinets are an off-shade of white while the appliances are a true white. I also really like the butcher-block styed countertops!

The kitchen overlooks the dining room and tv room which are both beautifully decorated. Since this area opens up to so many spaces, it's nice to keep everything simplified to help with the flow- and they did exactly that!

The large all-seasons room is right off of the family room. I have a serious love of natural light and any form of deck/sunroom/all seasons room and this space is no exception. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to homes but something about a sunroom makes me want to go outside of my comfort zone a little bit. I love the furniture, but I almost want to paint this room. I'd also add a fun tile and a bunch of plants- I like to feel like I'm outside in the warm sun during the cold winter Iowa months!

I'm not normally one to delve into bathroom photos but the color scheme in this space is on point! It's a small bathroom but the bold accents help make it feel larger without being overwhelming, and a good mirror can make any room feel like it's bigger too. I love that round shape!

A quick peek into the backyard! This is what I'm always talking about when I bring in my vision for backyard spaces. That is a large slab patio! The twinkle lights are a great accents and the landscaping is done so well- it feels lush, and home-y. This is a space I would love to host a party in. Well done, well done! Do I dare talk about a fire pit again? I'll refrain this time! 

One last image of the cozy backyard space. What was your favorite area of this home? Between the patio and sunroom, this house had it all covered! I'd be a happy girl year-round! 


For more homes like this one, visit our website: www.cbhrealty.com! See you next week!

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