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Alright "Vaulted Doll House" might be a stretch for this week's "Home of the Week" name but once you see inside you might agree with me. The vaulted ceiling and unique floorpan really made me think of a doll house- in a good way! The whole home is completed with a perfect deck to relax on. Let's tour this home!


We are currently looking at the entryway. how unique is this floor plan?! There are stairs that lead upstairs and then backdown again all while being able to see into the next room, not through the doorway, but through the upper-wall! So how can we simply this room and accentuate it's unique features? The first thing I would do would be to match all the flooring throughout the home. It would create a good flow and keep it from being choppy. I would want to go for a nice, dark hardwood floor. Then I would add a big rug and also a large table into the center of the room to help anchor it. It's such a large space that a nice-sized table would be the perfect "drop zone" or focal point to the room. Add a few pictures or a large vase of flowers to the table to finish up the look. I'd also want to add in some coat hooks, a floating shelf and a big mirror on the wall to the right of door. Moving on...

Here is a nice look into the kitchen. Look at all the light! You can see that this is the room that was right off the entryway. This room doesn't need a lot done to it. I still stand by my idea of dark hardwood floors in this room. I would also give the cabinets a nice coat of paint and also apply a matching paint color to the beadboard on the wall. White cabinets and white beadboard? Another popular color now for cabinets is gray! I like the light fixture as well as the counters and backsplash which saves any prospective owner lots of money!

Another quick view of the kitchen. It's a large space! You can also see stairs leading to the upper level off to the right of the photo. 

Check out this neat wall! I feel like the fireplace needs a little love... but next to that unique wall, anything would be dull in comparison. I can picture a large mirror or a magnolia wreath hanging on that rock wall (can you hear me, Joanna Gaines? I love a good fixer-upper reference!). In order to fully appreciate this room, you need a view of the other side of it...


Vaulted ceilings,  tons of natural light and access to the double deck.. yes I said "double deck". Wait until you see it!


I'm not sure if I've ever seen a bathroom this big before- it makes that tub look small! A bay window AND access to the double deck? Be still my heart. This room has so much potential for "wow factor". 

Large windows and access to the deck! You can see steps down to "deck 2". The views have got to be beautiful! The backyard isn't large but it more than makes up for it in the front and side yards. This is a large property!

The yard goes on and on!

The property may go down a ways, but it is on a pretty tight incline so it's nice that the other part of the property is vast and flat. 


Are you ready to transform this unique home into your own personal oasis? There are plenty of opportunities to make this beautiful home your own. In the meantime- visit our website: www.cbhreaty.com to check out all the http://www.cbhreaty.comother fabulous home options!

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