How to downsize and declutter

For a while, the name of the game in the real estate world was bigger is better. People wanted more rooms, more yard, more everything. The 2,000-square-foot rambler that was once great for a family of four would no longer do. The same-sized family needed more, and if they could get a 3,500-square-foot abode, they'd snatch it up.

My how things have changed.

While plenty of families still seek out large homes, there has been a definite reverse trend where more people are realizing that living with less is living with more.

Part of this trend has been the tiny house craze, which is intriguing, but it’s a little extreme. Nonetheless, these three steps to downsize your home are practical and can bring you the simplicity and ease that come when you live with less.

Take some time to think about what you actually need. A lot of times we buy stuff because we have a big goal in mind (most home exercise equipment is a result of this) or you want to motivate yourself, such as buying that six-volume biography on Lincoln you thought you might read. Then, of course, there are the cool gadgets you just can’t resist — most of our kitchens are filled with these things! They might be really nice, even beautiful, but do you use them? If not, why do you need them?

Do a massive purge. Getting rid of stuff you don’t really need is a lot easier than it sounds. There’s a little hoarder in each of us. If you really want to downsize, pick up everything you own and ask yourself, “Do I use this?” If the answer is no, put it in a box to be donated. Some things, like the extra set of crystal wine glasses you dust twice a year, are harder to get rid of than others. For the things you don’t use, but really can’t get rid of, do this: put them in storage, and if you find you really need them in the next six months, keep them. If not, sell or donate them.

Reorganize. One of the great things about doing a massive purge is that now you can begin to reorganize your home. Where once was clutter, now are clean, organized spaces and lots of room to breathe.

Many people swear by the life-changing effects of decluttering and downsizing. And for people planning to sell their home, whether next week or in a few years, downsizing can make your home look cleaner and more appealing to buyers.

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