How we help you find the perfect next home

With incredible advances in technology and a do-it-yourself trend sweeping the country, it’s now possible to use a laptop to record and mix your own music, edit movies or even run a business. At one time only professionals with specialized training and equipment could do these things. Now almost everyone can.

On a similar note, with so many popular websites showing hundreds of listings, some wonder if they can simply do an online search to find their next perfect house. Do you really need a realtor? Can’t you just find your dream house with a few clicks online?

Not quite.

The internet has made a lot of things easier, but when it comes to finding a house, nothing compares to the resources and skills realtors use to help you find the perfect home for you. I talked to three Coldwell Banker Hedges realtors to better understand how they do this.

Local knowledge

Born and raised in the Cedar Rapids area, realtor Beth Hulburt has the kind of intimate knowledge of the market that allows her to hunt down deals and see opportunities that might otherwise be passed by. “I use a variety of web-based tools to help me know what’s on the market. But not everything shows up online right away. A big part of what we rely on here is input from other team members. That kind of collaboration is key to finding clients the right home.”

A personal touch

Realtor Karen Knight notes the importance of getting to know her clients, “Finding the right house begins with clear communication. The first thing I do is meet and talk with the person I’m working with. I need to understand what they absolutely must have and what they would really want, their lifestyle, the area they are targeting, their price point and what they are looking for in terms of schools. This is the basic 

information I need to go on a search for someone.”

Of course, matching that wish list with a house is an adventure. A lot of searching and creativity goes into finding the right house.

“With all my clients I like to sit down and find out their wants and absolute needs,” says realtor Michael Smith. “This helps me get a better idea of what the client is looking for. Once we have seen several houses I like to reevaluate their wants and needs to see if anything has changed.”

“Houses can be very different from one another,” adds Knight. “Some are unusual but a perfect fit for a particular client, so it’s important for me to keep a finger on the market and know what’s out there.” 

So, whether you're looking to buy or to sell, talk to a Coldwell Banker Hedges Realtor® today for expert advice and guidance that will allow you to realize your home-owning dreams.

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