How will Tesla change your home?

In school, many of us learned about the great industrialists and inventors who, in the late 19th century, transformed America from an agricultural society of farmers and ranchers into a leading world power. Carnegie, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Ford and Edison loom as giants in our collective imagination. 

If you’ve been paying attention to the news in the past decade, you may have noticed that a new name has emerged. Elon Musk, who made his fortune through co-founding PayPal, has become a name synonymous with ambition, vision and that rarest of all ingredients: success.  

While Tesla automobiles and Musk’s somewhat crazy ideas behind SpaceX tend to make headlines, he has also been quietly making plans to give your home the 21st century makeover it needs.

Solar panels for your home

In 2016, in its fourth quarter newsletter to investors, Tesla announced it would start installing solar roofs in 2017. This announcement came shortly after Tesla purchased SolarCity, a leading innovator in the solar energy market.

According to Musk, by applying a few smart business maneuvers, such as cutting the advertising budget, a solar roof might cost less than a normal roof.

Now, that’s quite the promise and admittedly, some are skeptical. Still, the move represents a promising shift in the home solar market. Here are just a few things about Tesla’s solar roof that should get you excited:

  • Goodbye ugly panels: By incorporating specially designed glass by Tesla, the roof will have a seamless integrated look. In many of the models you can’t even tell the roof is made up of solar cells.
  • Design meets functionality: With four types of solar cells, Musk hopes to have a look that will accommodate a wide range of housing styles. For example, with the French slate-style roof, every panel or tile is unique, as if it were made of real slate.
  • Competitive price point: The former CEO of SolarCity said he believed they could get the per-watt cost down to 40 cents, which is comparable to the competition.

Tesla plans to start installing solar roofs this year, and who knows, maybe a neighbor or friend of yours will be refitting their home with one in the near future.

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