Leverage social media to sell your home

This winter, in St. John’s, Canada, a woman used Facebook to help sell her house. She did this by asking her friends to share a post advertising her house listing — no surprise there. Her smartest move, however, was promising to give $1,000 to the person whose share directly led to the sale of her house. Within just one week, her post had been shared over 5,200 times.

Clearly there's some real potential in the pairing of social media and real estate.

Social media includes many different websites, services and apps. How you use Facebook is different from how you use Pinterest, which is also different from how you interact with Instagram and other services. For the unfamiliar, this can get awfully confusing awfully fast.

So, what is the common thread among these platforms? Is there a single social-media strategy when it comes to real estate? While there are many ways to proceed, the most basic two-step strategy involves creating a simple website for your home and then heading to Facebook to make your pitch.

Build your landing page

These days, several services allow you to build your own webpage, such as SquarespaceWordpressTumbler and Weebly. You don’t need any special knowledge to use one site or another. In fact, all you need to do is click and drop a few pictures into a template and presto, you'll have a webpage for your house. Think of it as a hub where you can show off pictures, post videos and tell visitors all about the space. Your next step is to go on social media to direct people to this hub.


Facebook is by far the largest social network, and as a result it offers the greatest potential to reach a large number of people. On one level, it’s easy to let your friends know you're selling by posting a link to your home’s webpage, but the true nut to crack is how to broadcast this information beyond your circle of friends. One strategy is to simply ask (or beg) your friends to share your post, and others like the one mentioned above may prove fruitful. One great way to expand your audience is to search out and join local real estate groups and post there.

Needless to say, there are a lot of social media platforms you can use and even more strategies for getting noticed on them. The important thing to remember is that your goal when leveraging social media is to generate shares and views.

If this combination of social media and real estate still seems confusing, know that many realtors have embraced the selling power of social networks and are willing to share their knowledge. So talk to a Coldwell Banker Hedges Realtor® for expert advice about how you can use the web to get the best value for your home.

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