Producing a video that will make others fall in love with your home

Every home seller faces the uphill task of making potential buyers fall in love with their home.

It’s not easy, however, to convey the feelings you’ve developed for your home over the years. From the time you painted over the crayon marks the kids left in the hallways to realizing you couldn’t fit the new king-sized mattress through the doorway, prospective buyers just won’t have the same associations, sense of security and familiar comfort with the house as you do.

Fortunately, many homeowners have found that making a short video provides an effective way to make people swoon over their home. By incorporating music, narration and a guided tour of the home, yard and neighborhood, short movies can convey a range of emotions.

What to shoot with

You don’t need expensive equipment to make a high-quality film. In fact, if you have a smartphone, you’re ready to get started.

Academy Award winning films have been partially shot on iPhones, which means you most certainly can shoot a real estate video on your smartphone. Just remember that when you film, you should hold your camera horizontally.

Bonus tip: You can also use your smartphone to record sound for your voiceover narration.

When it's time to edit the film and put it all together, there is a variety of free editing software available, such as LightworksiMovieVideoPad and more. Some of this software, such as iMovie, allows you to edit directly on your iPhone, so you don’t even need a computer.

This video was captured with an iPhone 6S. No editing. All raw! #nofilter

Show feeling

Many real estate videos simply showcase a property, but to stand out, you should try to convey a feeling — not just talk about the details! This means highlighting some of the unique touches that make your home so special. Instead of showing broad sweeps of the home, focus on specific features and accents, and discuss where they come from and what they mean to you. Show people the high-end appliances for sure, but also show what the living room looks like in the morning light. Show your favorite tree in the back yard, and then focus in on fine woodwork within the home.

Be brief

In a world flooded with millions of clips, funny shorts and adorable cat videos, it’s hard to maintain the attention of your audience. Therefore, you should aim to keep your video under two minutes. This may sound extreme, but remember, you’re not giving people an exhaustive tour of the house, you’re simply trying to share a brief, emotional vignette.

After watching the video, people should have plenty of questions. They should feel intrigued and want to see more. Maybe they’ll begin to feel somewhat like you do about the house.

For more advice on how to make others fall in love with your home, talk to a Coldwell Banker Hedges Realtor® today. They know the techniques that will turn heads and land you top dollar for your home.

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