Should you build a playground?

If your children were writing this blog, they would tell you that you should build a playground in your yard. 

The worry many parents have is that after months, maybe years, of begging and pleading for a playground, your kids will be tired of it within weeks of having one. What's more, from a homeowner's perspective, the question many have is, "When I go to sell, will the outdoor play set add value to my home?"

Preliminary questions

Before we get into financial considerations, you should ask yourself if you're OK having a bunch of neighborhood kids playing in your yard. If you're OK with that, and if you are eager to make sure your children spend more time outside and less time in front of a screen, then building a play set — whether it's a backyard swing set or an intricate wooden play set — might be a great idea.

Is a play set a sound financial investment?

Whether or not a play set will add value to your home largely depends on if buyers see the value in having a playground in their yard. In general, if you live in a family-centered neighborhood, you can probably bet a playground will add value to your home.

However, if you live in a neighborhood that attracts retirees, or conversely, young people just getting started (i.e., a neighborhood with a lot of starter homes), it's less likely that future buyers are going to see a playground as a perk to buying the house.

The other consideration worth mentioning is that you want to build a playground that is as general or generic as possible, to appeal to the most amount of people. We're talking a slide, some monkey bars and a swing. People who install large concrete slabs for a basketball court or other fixtures designed for specific sports can ultimately limit the buying pool.

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