The Cedar Rapids Airport

Founded on a broad river in the center of a fertile growing region, Cedar Rapids was an ideal hub for farmers to bring their harvest to be milled then transported throughout the country. 

The river created the city, but, if you look up, you’ll notice there’s a lot of open air up there as well. And that’s pretty close to what Dan Hunter was probably thinking in the 1920s when he built the private airfield that would become the Cedar Rapids Airport.

The early days

Originally, the airport primarily served as a place to train pilots, receive airmail and, for a lucky few, to charter flights.

During World War II, the airport got a boost and a major makeover began. The completed project, the Cedar Rapids Regional Airport, was dedicated on April 27, 1947. Each year, more people came through its doors and flight services expanded to other cities and regions in the country.

By 2000, after many facelifts (and new terminals), the airport reached a milestone by serving 1 million passengers that year.

Two famous brothers

Two of Cedar Rapids' most famous citizens were Wilbur and Orville Wright who lived here as young boys. And though they may have first taken flight in Kitty Hawk, if legend is right (pardon the bad pun) Cedar Rapids is where they first got the idea they could fly.

It came when their father brought home a French toy called a “helicoptere,” that, when wound up by a rubber band, could fly under its own power. This may have been the beginning of the countless experiments with flying contraptions that eventually led to their most famous flying contraption.

Appropriately enough, the road to the airport is named Wright Bros. Boulevard. If you take it these days, you might notice that a lot has changed with the Eastern Iowa Airport. A new design, both inside and out, has transformed our airport into a sleek and modern terminal.

It’s one more sign of how fast Cedar Rapids is growing and becoming a major center for the region and one of the best places in the country to live.

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