The Iowa style: Common décor found in Hawkeye homes

If you live in Iowa, you might have a hard time explaining to people from outside the state just what it means to have a baking pan dedicated to Scotcheroos, or why the best place to buy sweetcorn is from an unattended trailer that’s based on the honor system.

Some might call these oddities, but we call them niceties — distinct features that make this state a wonderful place to live.

When it comes to how our homes are decorated, you might ask if there’s an Iowa style, one as distinct as, say, Nantucket or Colonial style. We haven’t seen anything mentioned about it in The New York Times, but if your home is decorated with any of the following items, you might be a purveyor of the Iowa-home style.

A Hawkeye or Cyclones logo somewhere – Even if you don’t follow sports, there’s a chance that somewhere in your house, one of these two logos can be found. It might be the doormat, the wallpaper or the bedsheets, but whatever the case, you will never find a Hawkeye and a Cyclone Logo existing in the same house.

Swedish buffet – This built-in do-it-all piece of furniture is as distinct as it is useful. Perfect for setting out large dishes and plates for families and guests, this glass cabinet shows off the nice dishes and boasts drawers to house anything you can imagine. It’s a wonder these beautiful things aren’t popular across the country.  

Adventureland souvenir plates or mugs – Because a yearly pilgrimage to Adventureland is pretty much an unofficial requirement for any citizen of Iowa, souvenirs of some sort are bound to be part of any home in Iowa. Adventureland collector’s plates, bumper stickers and old signs can be found on walls throughout the state.

Religious décor goes right next to the deer head – In Iowa it’s not uncommon to find a crucifix, favorite verse or picture from the Bible hanging on the same wall as a mounted deer head. Is this strange? Only if there’s no hunter in the house.

The old hand-me down look – Before the rest of the country went mad for “distressed” or “salvaged” wood, Iowans had dressers and shelves in their homes that some East-coaster might pay an obscene amount of money for in an antique store. Who would have thought these functional pieces would become so trendy? But, like most things from Presidential candidates to beyond, the country usually follows Iowa.

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