The allure of Czech Village/New Bohemia

Every city has its "cool" part of town. There’s Greenwich Village in Manhattan, the Castro in San Francisco and The Left Bank in Paris. These are the places you go to get a feel for the creative energy and vitality of a city. In Cedar Rapids, the New Bohemia neighborhood has long been considered the "it" part of town. Some dispute this, but we’re willing to bet that most visitors who come to Cedar Rapids leave thinking the New Bohemia and Czech Village neighborhood — or Newbo, as residents call it — sure had a lot to offer. 

After all, what other place can boast about literally being so bohemian?

The history of Cedar Rapids Newbo

The neighborhood began when T.M. Sinclair moved his meatpacking plant from downtown to the south end of 3rd Street in 1871. The workers, mostly of Czech origin, followed and built their homes around the meatpacking plant.

With a growing community and steady employment, friends and family of these Czech immigrants followed, and this south-end neighborhood became a vibrant array of commercial businesses and residential buildings.

Economically speaking, the district ebbed and waned throughout the 20th century, and by the time of the devastating flood of 2008, it had been in economic decline for a number of years. For many, the fate of this historic area seemed sealed when the flood of 2008 nearly wiped the neighborhood off the map.

But there’s nothing like setbacks and hardships to make Iowans roll up their sleeves, strengthen their resolve and start rebuilding.

The time, financial investment and hard work that went into revitalizing the neighborhood paid off. Home to numerous events throughout the year, some amazing restaurants, an incredible city market and more, NewBo leaves many people wanting to know, how can I move here?

NewBo real estate

As in other parts of the city, NewBo has seen some of its older, iconic buildings transformed into residential properties. One example of this is the 107-year-old ZCBJ building which now houses Brewhemia, a locally owned cafe, or the 329 Building across from the market. Like many "it" places in cities around the country, development in NewBo is centered around condos and stylish apartments like The Depot, or vibrant, creative office spaces where everyone wants to work, like The Cherry Building.

There are, of course, some beautiful homes just east of the thriving area.

To learn more about these, and other great neighborhoods in Cedar Rapids, contact a Coldwell Banker Hedges Realtor® today. With years of experience, they know the area and can show you some great places you’ll love to call home.

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