Theatre Cedar Rapids and the magic of live theater

The love for theater begins at an early age. Children love to play pretend, dressing up like a princess, a knight, a doctor, and imagining a different world with different rules. Most grow out of these games, of course, but millions of others keep their imaginations healthy by visiting the theater.

Theater enthusiasts will tell you that an entire world is created on stage. For several hours — with a pause for a cup of coffee or glass of wine during intermission — fantastic characters, amazing feats and emotions come alive magically.

There are great books, movies and plenty of TV shows you can binge-watch for an afternoon, but nothing is the same as live theater.

The history of theater Cedar Rapids

In 1925, the heart of the roaring '20s, bohemianism reigned, speakeasies sold illegal drinks and jazz was all the rage. A few artistic types gathered in Grant Wood’s studio apartment on 5 Turner Alley, putting on a small production for just 30 people. Afterward (probably over some snickerdoodles and coffee) they decided to start a formal acting troupe, one they called the “Little Theatre.”

This was the beginning of the theater scene in Cedar Rapids, and in subsequent years, more of these small troupes contributed to the city’s small but vibrant bohemian scene.

One of these groups, the Community Players, put on plays in various locations, until they finally set about remodeling the old YMCA building to make it their home.

For decades residents were able to enjoy small productions and shows put on by passionate teams of performers and stagehands. Then in 1955, The Footlighter’s theater group made their home in the newly renovated Old Strand Theater. This historic building still stands and remains the site of our city’s wonderful Theatre Cedar Rapids.

Live theater

Theatre Cedar Rapids does more than put on great performances, of course. They also serve as an educational resource for aspiring actors, kids of all ages, and anyone who wants to experience firsthand the wonder of theater.

For instance, one of their most popular classes is the Improv and Beer night, which, as you may have guessed, pairs wonderful beer with discussions about the art of improvisation.

So whether you want to impress your guy or gal with a night out on the town, or you are aching to audition for next season’s masterpiece, check out their website for all the upcoming shows and events.

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