What to ask when buying a house

It’s often the case that people who purchase a home end up having very little or no contact with the seller. Everything is done through their real estate agent. Once they close and move-in day comes around, all they know about the house is on the disclosure form or from the walk through. There are a lot of variables floating in the air!

No matter how much due diligence you do before moving in, nothing is quite like talking to the owners of the house you want to buy. So don’t be shy! Most people are happy to tell you the ins and outs, the secrets and tricks that go into the home lived in and loved. To get the conversation moving, here are some questions to ask when buying a house: 

  • What are some quirks about the house? The answer to this question might reveal some valuable insights as well as some interesting stories.
  • Is there a recommended maintenance schedule for any of the systems or appliances? Sometimes there’s a little quirk to air conditioners, heaters or other major appliances, and knowing about it can prevent headaches and/or scares in the future.
  • Can they provide you with contact information for service providers they’ve worked with in the past? It’s nice to use the same maintenance crews, plumbers, electricians and others who are familiar with the house and have done great work in the past.
  • The wheres and the hows. Make sure you understand how everything works, such as the garage door, the ceiling fans, and the heating and cooling systems. You want to make sure all the remotes will be easy to find.
  • Ask if you can buy anything. This can turn into a win-win situation. Many sellers dread having to move everything and oftentimes buyers can find that perfect piece of furniture or wall fixture waiting right where they’re going to move in!
  • Can they tell you anything interesting about the neighborhood or give you any tips? Are there any block parties or neighborhood associations you should know about? Before you ask this question, be sure you have time to spare. The answer might be a long one!

For more helpful tips on what questions to ask when buying a house, talk to a Coldwell Banker Hedges Realtor® today. They have the experience to guide you through the entire process.

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