When searching for a realtor, ask your friends these questions

Everyone has a friend, relative or co-worker who never has any difficulty saying something negative. They’re quick with a critique and can find fault in just about everything, from ice cream to puppies. 

Big house hunting hint: If one of these people tells you about a great realtor they’ve worked with, save that name and number. Because if a realtor can make a difficult person happy, they’re someone you want to work with.

Why is it important to ask friends?

Realtors will freely tell you that selling your home or buying a new one is a stressful activity. Each person responds to it differently, and so each interaction and each partnership is going to be different.

We’re not joking when we say working with a realtor is a close business relationship. That’s why the best way to find one you’d like to work with is by talking to people you know. Learn something about how their interactions and transactions went as you conduct your search. In addition, consider the following points.

General questions

  • How responsive were they?
  • Do you think they represented you to the full extent of their ability? Did they have your best interests in mind?
  • How did you get along in terms of personalities?
  • Did they clearly explain the details of the buying and selling process?
  • When things got stressful, how did they respond?

Questions to ask if you’re selling a home

  • How many days does it take to sell a home? How does that compare to others in the area and in your price range? 
  • What do you think about the pricing? Are you satisfied with all they did to get you the price you wanted?
  • Were they honest about any repairs you need? Did you think they were asking too much or vice versa, did they fail to mention any upgrades/staging techniques that could have fetched a higher price?
  • Did they use a specific marketing system or approach to selling your home?
  • How many open houses did they host? How did those go?

Questions to ask if you’re buying a home

  • How did they keep you informed about the status of your transaction?
  • Did they help connect you with a mortgage loan officer? Did they help guide you through the financing?
  • Do you feel they showed you appropriate properties?
  • How well do you feel they listened to you in terms of what you were looking for?

For more advice on the home buying or home-selling process, talk to a Coldwell Banker Hedges Realtor® today. They know the business and can help make the process as smooth as possible.

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