Why realtors will sacrifice evenings and weekends for clients

Have you ever spent the afternoon going to open houses on a weekday? Or tried to convince your boss to let you have an extra-long lunch because that was the only time you could look at a house you wanted to see?

The reason you probably never find yourself in these situations is because realtors work on a different schedule from other people. Nights, weekends, even holidays—these are our work times. 

"We understand that our clients have busy schedules and these are usually the only times that work for them," says Mike Smith, a realtor right here in Cedar Rapids at Coldwell Banker Hedges Realty. "I like to make myself available almost anytime, whether it's just to answer a call or to do a last-minute showing. If I didn't work nights or weekends it would be very hard for clients to find their next home!"

These hours might sound tough to some, but we’re comfortable with it. Sure, it might be a little odd to have a work schedule that doesn’t coincide with everyone else’s, but for every happy hour we have to miss, many new opportunities open up.

“The secret is to plan ahead and figure out how to make time for yourself,” says Karen Knight, a Coldwell Banker Hedges realtor. “The thing with this job is you have to really like people, and part of that involves being there when they need you. So, working nights and weekends is just part of who we are as realtors.”

Because realtors work with a number of different clients, flexibility is key. As such, we need to be available when it’s convenient for our clients. Which is a pretty good concept, isn’t it? After all, imagine if the Post Office were open evenings and weekends, instead of when you’re working.

But to be completely honest, it’s not all sacrifice.

“There’s actually a great trade-off. I give up some hours on the weekend and in turn have free time on weekdays,” says Beth Mackey, another Cedar Rapids-based Coldwell Banker Hedges realtor. “I’m able to do stuff during the day like volunteer at my kid’s school.”

Hulbert also notes that because realtors work as individual contractors, the more she puts into her job, the more she gets out. This isn’t just in terms of houses sold but also in the relationships she builds with clients.

Whether you're looking to buy or to sell, talk to a Coldwell Banker Hedges Realtor® today for expert advice and guidance that will allow you to realize your home-owning dreams.

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