Apprentice Night

Coldwell Banker Hedges Realty is always searching for new, talented and energetic people interested in a long term and rewarding career in real estate.

Apprentice Night

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Marriott Hotel
(1200 Collins Rd NE)
7:00 pm
Please call Nancy Hrubes to register
or email or register online

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In 2006, Carl Esker, president and owner of Coldwell Banker Hedges Realty, discussed the idea of a salaried position for a real estate agent. Carl’s openness to trying something radically different produced the recruiting system now referred to as “Apprentice Night.” In this fundamentally unique approach to recruiting, Coldwell Banker Hedges offers a salary of $50,000 for one year to one person chosen from the Apprentice Night. The basic concept is to draw those people out of jobs where they may have become complacent to find out if a career in real estate would be right for them.

Over 100 individuals attended the first Coldwell Banker Hedges Apprentice Night in January 2006 to see if they might be chosen as the first Real Estate Apprentice in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. A former school teacher was chosen as the first Apprentice for the company. The program worked so well for her that after ten months, she opted to forfeit her salary and sell on straight commission. Now ten years later, Hedges has hired over 30 Apprentices and over twice as many independent contractors through their recruiting program.

The key to Coldwell Banker Hedges’ recruiting program is its training. Training is a top priority, with each new agent receiving three weeks of intensive in-house training on top of the 96 hours required to obtain a real estate license. Additionally, Coldwell Banker Hedges provides follow-up training after the three weeks has concluded. “The pre-license class teaches agents how to pass the test, but our in-house training teaches agents how to build a successful career in real estate,” says Esker.

Coldwell Banker Hedges recruiting programs have produced many of the top real estate agents in Cedar Rapids over the past seven years. These new, well-trained, knowledgeable agents have contributed significantly to the company’s growth. To find out more, please attend our next Apprentice Night.