Picking the Right Neighborhood for You


When purchasing a home, the location is almost as important as choosing the house. Knowing what is important to you is critical, so use your head as well as your heart. We have a client who is a school teacher that desires to purchase a home close to where her students live. She also plans to sell after three to five years. In her case, both location and resale value are super important.



Lots of people assume that the high school is what people care about most but in actuality young families are more interested in the elementary school when deciding on neighborhoods. ALWAYS double check school districts. Borders move and so don’t assume that just because a house was in a particular school district last time it sold that it still is.


Check It Out

We recommend driving through neighborhoods at different times during the day to get a feel for foot and car traffic. Walk through the neighborhood as well. You can learn a lot doing these two things and it can give insight as to whether this is the place for you.


Ask the Right Questions. What Makes a Neighborhood Desirable to You?

  • New construction or maybe old SE side charm.
  • Do you want a tight knit group or do you prefer anonymity?
  • How important are parks, pools and other amenities?
  • Do you want to be close to city life or would you enjoy the solace of quiet neighborhood more?

Crime Rates Online – Police Department

As REALTORS in the State of Iowa we cannot steer our clients to or from specific neighborhoods. We encourage you to look at crime rates online and to contact the police department to find out crime activity and whether the community is involved in neighborhood crime prevention.

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