The Colors that Sell

The Colors that Sell

Does color impact home buyers?  Before we answer the question, I want to encourage you as a homeowner that at the end of the day, you need to love the colors you live with in your house. However, when it comes to buying or selling a house, colors have a strangely powerful effect on the decisions people make. I know, I know, it’s ridiculous. After all, it’s only paint, right?

Contributing writer, Regina Cole, in a recent article in Forbes magazine sites a color analysis that Zillow conducted where they looked at more than 135,000 photos of homes that sold between 2010 and 2018. Zillow is an online real estate database. They concluded that certain colors not only impacted days on the market but that color can actually put more cash in your pocket. So if you are considering listing your home this spring, listen to what the experts are saying.

One paint investment that reaps a large return is your front door. Zillow reports that homes with front doors painted charcoal, smoky black or a rich jet black sell for $6,271.00 more than expected. That’s the highest sales premium of all the room and color combinations analyzed. For you as a seller, that’s good news. Painting your front door is a minimal expense that reap great benefits.

What are some of the latest colors and combinations that sell and get you a better price for your home? The answers might surprise you. “Tuxedo kitchens” have been super popular the past few years. That’s when the upper cabinets are white and the lower cabinets are a navy blue or even black. Light blue bathrooms, especially periwinkle add $2,786.00 to the purchase price!

Taupe in the living room is still king but brown in the dining room is a loser and can cost you up to $1,684.00 off the predicted purchase price, according to Zillow’s findings. As with everything, trends change and eventually what goes around, comes back around. The most notable shift the experts are seeing in home design is where pops of dark color are becoming increasingly popular. Hues of blue, gray and even black.

Still leading the charge these past few years, however, is the white on white pallet. Soft, warm white walls with a brighter white for trim. So much new construction remains the “open concept” and there is very little wall space that exists as a result. The soft white creates an even airier feel that speaks fresh and clean.

One of the most important things to consider when painting interior walls in your home is the existing trim color. As much as we might love the cool blues and grays, they fall flat against the warm orange oak trim. These particular color contrasts do not produce a restful feeling in a room. What we want to stand out is not necessarily a paint color but rather the feeling our family and friends enjoy when they are in our homes.

Team Raeside is always available with our talented design team to meet with you before you list your home. Clients love our walk-throughs with them. Our team can help you make the most profitable real estate decisions that won’t break the bank or your back!

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