Smart Strategies for Buying and Selling


My Commitment to You:

I will adhere to the code of ethics I am committed to as a Realtor. You can expect honesty, integrity, communication, teamwork, knowledge and professionalism from me in all our dealings. My top priority is to create a relationship with you in which we work as a team to achieve your goals, whether it's buying or selling. 

Strategy 1: Work with Chamaine as your agent! 

Remarks from Former Clients:

We feel very fortunate to have found Chamaine, she worked diligently to answer all of our questions to meet all of our needs. She showed us other options, but we picked the first home she showed us. We were first time home buyers, and we could not have a better person to guide us through this process. Chamaine saved us several thousands of dollars through the inspections. It is really oblivious that Chamaine is a mother and a teacher,because she guided my sister and me as such. We love her!

Jacqueline McGee and Jane McGee

Strategy 2: Get Your Finances In Order

  • Have some Knowledge and Preparation:
  • Develop a household budget based on what you really spend.
  • Reduce your debt. Lenders look for a debt load of no more than 36 percent of which your mortgage is usually 25 to 28%. If this is a problem start by paying down bills before you start the financing process.
  • Save for a down payment. It is possible to get a mortgage with 5 percent or less down, but it's a good idea to try for more to achieve a better rate. 
  • Keep your job and don't take on new debt during approval process and before closing!
  • Be ready to start the pre-approval process- or have it finalized ahead of time. To do this you need to know your numbers. I can recommend a loan officer and institution, or you can do your own homework on which one is a good match, but be ready to accept their recommendations on what your limits are. A solid offer includes a pre-approval letter and this takes time to get. Be sure you are ready to roll!
  • Be honest with me about what your home needs are. To do this, you must talk ahead of time and narrow down what is right for you now, versus what you want down the line. Know what criteria really matter to you, and which you can do without. Your goal is to pick a house that will become a safe, comfortable, relaxing place for your family-period. Only you know what that will require.
  • Know your timeline and your boundaries. Take into account that the average signed agreement to move in date is a minimum of 6 weeks. Plan accordingly. Also, narrow down areas of town that you prefer. If you are questioning areas you can look at local police reports online to check out safety, and look through information about the schools as well. Check out my links to make this easy! 
  • Feel free to check out online sites that showcase homes, but be aware that may of the sites are not completely up to date. Rely on me to search whether something is available or not.
  • For Sale by Owner: I love to help people buy these! Most of the sellers trying to do it For Sale by Owner are willing to work with a buyer's agent. That allows me to help you negotiate a best price, and walk you through the process. Let me know what piques your interest and I will call to see if the owners will work with me!
  • Making An Offer: Keep in mind that a lot determines how much sellers want for their house. This includes location, condition, other properties that are available, market conditions, their motivation to sell, and possibly no market  knowledge. Let your agent help you make an educated decision. 
  • Closing Costs: Closing costs vary according to contract, title company and lender.  Ask your lender for an extensive and complete projection of costs.

Chamaine Snell

Chamaine Snell

REALTOR® - Licensed in the state of Iowa
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