Everyone Can't Do It!

In venturing through the world of real estate over the past 4 years I have learned many things. I have learned there are a lot of great people out there that recognize the value a realtor can add. I've learned there are a lot of people out there who are grounded, informed, and choose to let those who train to do the job, do their job! I've also learned that there are many who think they can do everything a realtor can do. They can't! When you choose to represent yourself you lose a lot. You lose the benefit of background knowledge. You lose the knowledge of marketing. You lose the chance to have buyers be vetted by professionals to determine they are qualified. You lose objectivity.

What do you gain in a realtor? You gain someone with market knowledge. You gain a person who knows what homes are selling for, who knows what needs to be done prior to listing, and who knows how to get your home noticed. You gain having an objective party with your goals in mind who will ask the right questions, track down answers, and will approach your transaction as a job...because it IS their job! A realtor knows that pricing a property right, releasing professional pictures at the right time, and getting the property out on many forms of social media and listing services is key. They know that analyzing the results of how many times it is looked at and booked for showings needs to be a priority. They know that there are many steps to the process and they have a back up team of professionals supporting them to make sure the steps are completed the right way.

Recently an acquaintance sold their own condo. They posted it on Facebook in hopes their friends would be their marketing team. They showed it to someone, and then they posted "We sold it!"....Followed by the question, "does anyone know of a good real estate attorney?" Newsflash....if you haven't put a contract together, your property is not sold. If you haven't done your homework, you are not representing yourself or your potential buyers well. 

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Chamaine Snell

Chamaine Snell

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