Staging Your Home To Sell

When most people think "staging" they immediately think it's going to cost them lots of money. Sure staging can mean the correct placement of furniture and accessories, but it's the little things you do that make more of an impression.

Buyers are nosy. They will open every drawer, door and shower curtain. They want to see how you have your things organized so that they can picture their own belongings there. That being said, for goodness sake clean your shower! Noting turns off a buyer faster than mold and mildew. If the tub is really bad, get a quote to have it resurfaced, or if you can afford it, replace it all together.

Patching holes, fixing leaky faucets and drains, oiling doors that don't slide easy and fixing anything that bothers you (because if you notice it so will a potential buyer) are cheap and easy ways to have your home show a little better.

Don't forget about the outside! I have had a few clients that would not even go in and look at homes because they were so turned off by the exterior. It doesn't matter what the inside looks like if you can't get buyers in the door. Cheap planters, bright flowers (fake or real), touch up paint if needed...all will add pizazz to the outside without emptying your wallet.

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