First Impressions Are Online

The first impression buyers get of your home are the pictures and descriptions that show up online. Those images determine whether a potential buyer will come to your home or not. There are many times I have looked at properties on our MLS system for clients and some properties go weeks without photos. Those are the properties that sit on the market because people wonder, "What's wrong with that property that the agent doesn't have any photos up?" Is your agent really doing their job marketing your home if they just let it sit with no pictures or description?

Up until recently I always took my own photos. I thougt they looked great and posted them immediately. My last listing I hired a professional photographer to come and take the photos. I was blown away! The house looked AMAZING!!!! Talk about a great first impression.

I still took photos to post since it was going to be 2 days on my photographer but as soon as I got his back I immediately took mine down. I also put in my description that I was having professional photos done and to check back. I didn't want anyone to think there was anything wrong with my listing. If your photos don't look as bright and clear with high resolution as this one, maybe it's time to hire a proffesional. What does your first impression look like?

Diane Gallagher

Diane Gallagher

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