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I've said before, I REALLY love this business.  I know that may sound cliche', and I'm sure there are a lot of Realtors that say they love helping people.  It's more than likely true for the most part.  But, I REALLY love it!  I can honestly say, the last thing that crosses my mind is the commission when it comes to a transaction.  Case in point: Many Realtors serve their clients needs very well.  But, when you choose YOUR Realtor, INTERVIEW them.  Ask them what they will do for you.  Most any reputable agency will provide at least some form of internet presence for the property you list with them.  And hopefully, they will have professional pictures taken, rather than doing it themselves with a subpar camera or their phone.  So at the LEAST, make sure this will be done for you.  But, are you in a situation where your listing listing warrants some extra attention?  Maybe it's a higher end property, maybe you've tried listing with someone else and it didn't sell, so now it's time to pull out the big guns!  There are options, and I employ them to make sure you are served to the best of my ability.  I don't believe in doing the bare minimum.  Take a look at this listing: http://tours.vizziheartland.com/29965 This is an example of the extra measures I can take to get the job done for you.  Did you see the 3D walk through feature and 360 degree panorama shots?  Yes, it costs quite a bit extra, but it doesn't cost YOU anything at all.  I chose to do this, on my own dime, because I want to get results for these clients.  This listing came from another agency, it was overpriced and undermarketed.  Now I'm not saying anything bad about the other company.  Every agent and company has their own marketing approach.  But what I am saying is that you should choose wisely when selecting your Realtor, maybe you only NEED the basic marketing, but maybe you expect more.  Don't be afraid to ask them what they'll do for you.  Together, you should form a plan of attack and make it happen.

Jeff Nelson

Jeff Nelson

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