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I think it would be hard to write an accurate description of my job title without going over 2000 words.  It isn't just about selling houses.  To me, being a realtor is making lasting connections with people.  Being there to help them with anything that they need.  Going above and beyond to make sure that their experience with me was pleasant and enjoyable.  After all, the goal in any sales position is for referrals.  If you can provide a service that can not be replicated by many others and you can do that with a smile on your face and a good attitude, your name will likely be spread around town faster than you could even believe.  I'm sure you can imagine some of the things that I have done in the last 6 years to help my clients.  While the majority of it has to do with real estate, there are times when my job description takes a whole new direction!  

I just helped my good friends Nick and Crystal buy their first home together.  They have been together for a long time and Crystal was waiting and waiting (with good reason) for Nick to propose to her.  Prior to closing on the house, I met Nick privately.  He had just bought the engagement ring and asked me if I had any ideas on how he could do go about asking her to marry him.    We spent roughly an hour coming up with failed ideas.  Write her a song and sing it during a Josh Misener Band concert; on the jumbotron at an Iowa Hawkeye game; while jumping out of an airplane; at a bowling alley.  All fantastic ideas but not the right one for Nick and Crystal.  Then we began to focus on how important their new house was to them.  It was their first place together and really symbolized the beginning of the rest of their lives.  It quickly became evident that he should revolve the proposal around the closing of their new house.  Here is how it went down!

Wednesday afternoon:  I sent a facebook message to Nick and Crystal asking them if they would like to have their picture taken with a SOLD sign in front of their house.  Crystal had wanted the picture when we closed on the house, but we couldn't find a time that worked for everyone.  Nick figured that this would be his chance to surprise Crystal, hoping she wouldn't suspect a thing.  I told them I would be in the area around 5:15pm on Friday.  It worked for Crystal.  The proposal was ON!

Thursday evening:  Nick and I sent email back and forth deciding how we would orchestrate this.  We came up with the idea to snap a few pictures with them and the SOLD sign in front of the house.  Then, I would take the sign down and take some pictures of them without the sign.  After a few more shots, I would pretend like I had an issue with my camera.  While stopping the camera shoot, Nick would turn to look at the house with Crystal and ask her to marry him.  The plan was all set!

Friday, evening:  I arrived at their house and we got set up outside.  As I started taking a few pictures, their neighbor started up his lawnmower and began moving the yard right next to us.  As if Nick wasn't anxious and nervous enough, he know started thinking that the moment was ruined.  But we pressed on!  

Finally, the neighbor started heading towards his backyard.  I knew it was time.  As I was going to suggest removing the sign, so we could get the proposal done before he came back to the front of the house, the neighbor reappeared and actually drove his riding lawnmower onto Nick and Crystal's driveways and struck up a conversation!  Nick gave me the "ok, now this is happening.  I guess I will keep smiling and play along" look.

After a 5 minute conversation about lawn care, among other things, he finally started his lawnmower back up and headed towards the backyard.  I immediately saw our opening and removed the "SOLD" sign.  I snapped a few more pictures and gave Nick the cue by asking them to wait a few minutes while I changed some settings on my camera.  He then turned her toward the house and gave his speech.  He said that he had everything he needed in life.  Great family, great friends, 2 awesome dogs, an amazing new house and the only thing left to complete his life would be to marry the woman of his dreams.  He then got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.  It was a beautiful moment and she obviously said yes!

I had nothing to do with Nick and Crystal meeting for the first time and falling in love soon after.  But I feel blessed to have been able to be a part of their engagement and buying their new house.  I was driving home from their house after the engagement and had a huge smile on my face.  I am a lucky guy.  I get to work a job that I love and help people that I adore.  Not just with buying a home, but with some many other aspects of life.  I don't look at this job and each transaction as "business".  I look at it as a way of life.  After helping someone buy or sell a home.  We become connected.  Complete strangers become new friends.   Old friends become even better friends.  It means so much to me to know that my clients love their new houses and appreciate everything that I do for them.

I am very good at what I do because I enjoy helping others.  I'm pretty sure I won't be getting any calls for photography sessions or engagement planning anytime soon but I would much rather leave that up to the professionals.  When it comes to real estate, I am here to help in any way I can.  You can rest assured that I will go above and beyond and do whatever it takes to make sure my clients are happy.  Best of luck and congratulations to Nick and Crystal.  I can't wait to see what other services I can add to my job description.  I'm hoping the next one has something to do with a tropical vacation.  Crossing my fingers!  On to the next one!!!

Mike Schulte

Mike Schulte

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